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Some of the books listed below are in very fragile condition; they are available, at the discretion of the archivists, to registered users of Louisiana Division special collections. There are also scrapbooks in several of our manuscript collections as well as in the City Archives; ask an archivist for assistance in finding them.

About Advertising [#33]

1 v.
Apparently prepared for the consideration of the New Orleans Association of Commerce by the Chambers Agency. Includes statement of recommendations from advertising campaigns along with information, including photographs, on the Agency itself along with samples of its work. Among the samples included are: a survey of the New Orleans Industrial Zone (1929); New Orleans, America's Second Port, the South's greatest industrial city (1929); Metry Club Gardens (1929); Louisiana Red Cypress--the wood eternal (Louisiana Red Cypress Bureau, n.d.)

Ray Abrams Elementary School, 1958-1972 [#47]

5 v.
Four scrapbooks and one photo album containing color and black-and-white photos, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and ephemera from Ray Abrams Elementary School in New Orleans East between the years 1958-1972. The photo album exclusively contains photos taken during the dedication ceremony of the school in 1958. Donated by William Rogan. The dates for each scrapbook are as follows:
Volume I, 1958-1963
Volume II, 1963-1966
Volume III, 1966-1970
Volume IV, 1970-1972
Photograph Album, 1958

Bruns, Dr. Henry Dickson, ca. 1888-1898 [#15]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings in the political activities of Dr. Henry Dickson Bruns. Kept by Miss Dell Dickson.

City Planning Committee, New Orleans Association of Commerce, 1920- 1921 [#19]

2 v. [v. 2 is a duplicate of v. 1]
Clippings of newspaper articles by and on Milton Medary, planning consultant hired by the Association to make recommendations for a city plan for New Orleans.

China, 1949-1950 [#21]

2 v.
Newspaper and magazine clippings on the conflict between Communist and Nationalist forces in China and U.S. policy toward China. Compiled by Mary E. Soule.

Conniff, John R., ca. 1912-1937 [#4]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings on various subjects, mostly political. Also included are two letters and a published speech of George Soule. All pasted into an October 21, 1931 issue of the Saturday Evening Post. Gift of Myldra M. Costa, 1980.

Dart, Henry Plauche, 1912 [#31]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings dealing with the collapse of the Teutonia Bank and Trust Co. after charges of embezzlement were brought against several of its officers. Dart (1858-1934), a New Orleans attorney, was a former director of the bank and his son had handled some of its legal business. Gift of Henry P. Dart III, 1981.

Eiseman, Meyer, 1926-1927 [#29]

1 v.
Clippings of newspaper articles relating to the real estate business. Kept by Meyer Eiseman (1882-1940), New Orleans realtor and one-time president of the New Orleans Real Estate Board. Gift of Zoe Posey, 1937. Note: This book is marked "Scrapbook #4"; the location of the first three volumes is unknown.

First Presbyterian Church, ca. 1908-1916 [#16]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings on the First Presbyterian Church in New Orleans, its ministers, and related matters. Included is a copy of the church's The Calendar for the week of February 23, 1908.

Fourteenth of September [#33]

1 v.
Original of the New Orleans States, September 14, 1924, "Historical Section" article by W.O. Hart on the Battle of Liberty Place on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Not really a scrapbook.

French Market, 1946-1947 [#5]

1 v.
Clippings of newspaper articles and advertisements relating to the French Market and to two curb markets operating in the area above Canal St.

Grunewald, Theo, 1946 [#39]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings relating to New Orleans politics and government (March 6, 1946-October 29, 1946). Grunewald was the city's Director of Public Markets. This book is marked as volume 2; volume 1 is the French Market scrapbook listed above.

Hansell, FF. & Brother, 1928 [#11]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings on the 50th anniversary of the company along with congratulatory letters from customers and suppliers, and cards from flowers sent to commemorate the occasion. Gift of John F. Kelly, Minneapolis, Minn. Indexed.

International Library Company, ca. 1419-1885 [#28]

1 v.
Facsimiles of originals from the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum, published by The International Library Company.

Isidore Newman School, ca. 1900-1915 [#37]

1 v.
Mostly clippings from various school publications showing the school, school activities, and the Jewish Orphans' Home. Also included is a program for the 1920 commencement, two newspaper clippings, and two membership cards for the "Golden City, Jewish Orphans' Home" in the name of Moses Lew (dated 1915 and 1916.

Lettrell, M[aggie], ca. 1877-1928 [#8]

1 v.
Miscellaneous clippings from newspapers and magazines. Also included are manuscript poems by or to M__ Lettrell, photographs, greeting cards, and flower pressings. Gift of Mrs. Zoe Posey. Scrapbook is a check book (Canal Bank) with blank checks and manuscript stubs of Jules A. Blanc in 1869. Also included is an 1875 Rex invitation and engraved portraits of George H. Williams (Attorney General), Lafayette, and Zachary Taylor.

Linfield, Mrs. W.L., 1938-1940 [#18]

2 v.
Volume 1 deals with historical events, places, and persons, including material on political corruption. Volume 2 includes newspaper clippings dealing mostly with the disclosure and prospectus of political corruption in the aftermath of Huey Long. Some articles deal with historic buildings and localities. Gift of Mrs. W.L. Linfield

Logan, George King, 1943-1973 [#34]

1 v.
Clippings, programs and other materials kept in a scrapbook by George King Logan, Jr. The items relate to his career at New Orleans Public Library, and to personal and family matters. Donated by his brother, Dr. Sam Logan, December 2001.

Louisiana Politics [#40]

2 v.
Newspaper clippings (June 4-August 18, 1934) relating to the political and governmental situation in Louisiana during the period of Senator Huey P. Long's control of the Legislature and passage of laws designed to limit the power of the New Orleans municipal government.

Mid-Day Home Demonstration Club, 1955-1965 [#22]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings and photographs illustrating the activities of the club and other members of the Orleans Home Demonstration Council.

Military, ca. 1861-1912 [#3]

3 v. and index (in triplicate)
Clippings from newspapers of accounts of Civil War battles and movements and later articles relating to Confederate veterans and their war remembrances. Complied 1910-1912 by Dr. Yves Rene Lemonnier, Jr. (d. 1928) of New Orleans. Also includes several photographs, Lemonnier's memories of his military service, and typewritten accounts by Lemonnier and other veterans.

Miscellaneous [#41]

2 v.
Mostly clippings from New Orleans and other newspapers dealing largely with non-Louisiana topics. Both volumes have indexes at the front. Volume 1 includes a list (apparently compiled by Library staff) of "Memorials erected by public subscriptions or private gift that have a utilitarian purpose rather than the expression of art ideal;" a letter from the Washington bureau of the Times-Picayune to the Library relating to the smallest and largest books in the world; and a 1917 letter from W. O. Hart to City Librarian Henry M. Gill regarding the admission of North and South Dakota to the Union.

Miscellaneous Clippings, ca. 1940s-1950s [#36]

3 v.
Newspaper clippings on a variety of topics, mostly relating to Louisiana history and literature. Some obituaries and society items are also included. There are also a smaller number of magazine clippings, including a number of "Did you know?" columns from the Riders' Digest. One unidentified picture postcard is also pasted in volume 1. That book is untitled but the others are identified as "People and Houses of Southern Cities" (v. 2) and "New Orleans and Louisiana" (v. 3). There is a partial index at the front of each volume.

Mississippi River, ca. 1869-1940 [#1]

1 v.
Clippings, newspaper and magazine articles and pictures, postcards, advertising circulars relating to activities along the river, particularly to steamboats and steam boaters. Included is a print of an A.R. Waud drawing of the levee at New Orleans, issued as a supplement to Appleton's Journal in 1869.

National Eucharistic Congress [#17]

2 v.
Clippings of newspaper articles on the National Eucharistic Congress held in New Orleans in 1938.

New Orleans and Louisiana Historic Sites, ca. 1940-1947 [#9]

1 v.
Newspaper and magazine clippings, tourist brochures, photographs, post cards, and other material depicting historic sites in New Orleans and Louisiana. Some manuscript and typewritten notes accompany the clippings.

New Orleans Reminiscences, 1894-1940 [#38]

1 v.
Clipped columns by Walter Parker published during the year 1941 under the title "Reminiscences of Life in New Orleans During the Gay Nineties."

New Orleans Tidewater Ship Channel, 1943-1958 [#20]

6 v.
Clippings of newspaper and magazine articles and advertisements advocating the construction of a navigable channel connecting the port of New Orleans with the Gulf of Mexico. Also includes brochures and photographs.

News Clippings (Miscellaneous), ca. 1875-1900 [#27]

3 v.
Clippings of miscellaneous articles from New Orleans newspapers.

Obituaries, ca. 1901-1915 [#10]

1 v.
Clippings of newspaper obituaries of prominent national and world figures, and others, mostly members of various Masonic orders. Also included are engraved obituary notices, some with portraits of the deceased. Gift of Mrs. Ethel Healy.

Perkins, Ethel, [#30]

1 v.
Scrapbook of Christmas and other greeting cards, some from a mission school in Tsingtao, China; some from various Chinese relief agencies, and others possibly from relatives of Miss Perkins who lived in Shanghai. Miss Perkins, a schoolteacher, visited Shanghai in 1937. Gift of Miss Perkins.
See also MS93, Papers of Ethel Willia Perkins.

Poetry, ca. 1869-1871 [#26]

1 v.
Poems clipped from local newspapers. Also includes some news and feature articles.

Poetry, ca. 1876-1878 [#12]

1 v.
Clippings of poems from New Orleans and other newspapers. Gift of Mrs. M. Koeh, ca. 1952

Political, ca. 1883-1946 [#25]

4 v.
Newspaper clippings on political matters, mostly of state and local interest.
v. 1: ca. 1883-1888
v. 2: ca. 1922-1924
v. 3: ca. 1936-1946
v. 4: ca. 1946

Programs, ca. 1896-1906 [#35]

2 v.
Clippings from programs of concerts, operas, plays and other events in New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, and possibly elsewhere. At least one of the volumes was kept by Mrs. A. W. McClellan. Both are small (6"x9") notebooks with clippings pasted in. Handwritten marginal notes indicate when, where, and with whom the various performances were viewed. Volume 2 appears to have been used as a diary or for other writings before the clippings were added. It also includes a program for the inaugural ceremonies of E. A. Alderman as president of Tulane University in 1901, a partial program for the St. John Rowing Club's races in 1900, and a partial program for the Crescent City Jockey Club dated March 17, 1900. Volume 1 includes a "programme" for New York's Cafe Boulevard.


The contents of the Railroad Scrapbook have been relocated to the Manuscript Collection (click HERE for a description of the contents).

Scheu Family, ca. 1916-1946 [#24]

12 v.
Greeting cards, newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, photographs, party favors, and other material collected by the Charles Scheu family of New Orleans. Much of the material revolves around the school years of Charles Scheu, Jr. and his service in World War II.

Second Louisiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1899 [#7]

1 v.
Gift of Pie Dufour? Clippings of newspaper articles relating to the activities of the Second Louisiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Spanish American War. Also included is a typescript of an article by John Smith Kendall that appeared in the Daily Picayune, January 7, 1899. (tr. apparently by W.C. Ehlers, Historian of Commander of Louisiana Department of USWV).

Spanish American War, 1898 [#6]

1 v.
Clippings of articles from the New Orleans Daily Picayune illustrating day to day activities in the Spanish American War with emphasis on local soldiers and their units.

Spanish American War, Newspaper Data, 1898-1899 [#44]

1 v.
Clippings of the "Gist of To-Day's War News" (mostly dated) from the Times Democrat; clippings from the Daily Picayune (and perhaps other newspapers) of war sketches and articles; and complete copies of selected issues of the Times Democrat from the period May 2, 1898-October 4, 1899.

Victoriana, n.d. [#23]

1 v.
Unidentified cutouts depicting examples of clothing and home furnishings of the Victorian era.

War [#42]

1 v.
Newspaper and magazine clippings of articles on World War II in the Pacific. Also includes a pencil sketch of an unidentified gentleman on the reverse of a published portrait of Bing Crosby. Donated by Mrs. Hortense Barros.

War Block Service, 1943-1945 [#13]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings, meeting agendas, notices, handbills, etc., relating to the projects of the War Block Service of the Office of Civilian Defense in New Orleans.

Whitesell, Joseph Woodson "Pops," 1944-1945 [#2]

1 v.
Clippings from newspapers, magazine, and exhibition programs relating to the work of Whitesell (1875-1958), a New Orleans photographer. Many of the clippings depict examples of his work.

Wood, B.D. and Brothers, 1881-1893 [#14]

1 v.
Newspaper clippings relating to the coal and touring business of the firm and to the coal and touring business in general. Also included are two invitations to ship dedications.

World War II Cartoons [#43]

1 v.
Life during World War II as shown in comtemporary cartoons, 1942-1945. The cartoons are arranged by general subject area (e.g., "The Axis," "Shortages and Rationing," "Labor," etc.

See also: New Orleans and Louisiana Scrapbooks

6 v.
Mostly newspaper and some magazine clippings on topics of local interest, compiled by staff of New Orleans Public Library. An alphabetical card index to the contents of these books is available in the Louisiana Division.

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