appropriate is the impressive language which fell from his eloquent lips twenty-six years ago, when pronouncing the eulogy of two of the great founders of the Republic, who died on the fiftieth anniversary of its independence: "He is no more. He is dead. But how little is there of the great and good which can die. To their country they yet live, and live forever. They live in all that perpetuates the remembrance of men on earth; in the recorded proof of their own great actions, in the offspring of their intellect, in the deep engraven lines of public gratitude, and in the respect and homage of mankind. They live in their example; and they live emphatically, and will live in the influence which their lives and efforts, their principles and opinions now exercise, and will continue to exercise on the affairs of men, not only in their own country, but throughout the civilized world. A superior and commanding human intellect, a truly great man, when Heaven vouchsafes so rare a gift, is not a temporary flame, burning brightly for a while, and then giving place to returning darkness. It is rather a spark of fervent heat, as well as radiant light, with power to enkindle the common mass of human mind, so that when it glimmers in its own decay and finally goes out in death, no night follows, but it leaves the world all light, all on fire, from the potent contact of its own spirit. Bacon died; but the human understanding, roused by the touch of his miraculous wand to a perception of the true philosophy, and the just mode of inquiring after truth, has kept on its course successfully and gloriously. Newton died; yet the course of the spheres are still known, and they yet move on by the laws which he discovered, and in the orbits which he saw and described for them in the infinity of space."

Yes, fellow citizens, though the tomb has closed over all that was mortal of DANIEL WEBSTER, yet his spirit lives and is among us: it lives in the great deeds performed for the good of his country;--it lives in the lessons of wisdom which his immortal works teach us so eloquently;--it lives in the bright example of virtue and patriotism which he has bequeathed to us. May his great deeds be ever held in sacred remembrance; and may his example be ever kept before the eyes of the American people as an incentive to those noble virtues which his whole life illustrated.

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