The Joint Committee appointed by the Mayor, Members of the Bar, and the Common Council of the city of New Orleans, to make the necessary arrangements for solemnizing the obsequies of the lamented CALHOUN, CLAY, and WEBSTER, have adopted the following Programme of Arrangements for the occasion:

has been unanimously selected as the Grand Marshal of the Day; and
First Assistant Marshal.
The following gentlemen have been selected and will act as District Marshals and Aids:
First District Col. J. B. WALTON.
Second District....OVIDE DE BUYS, Esq.
Third District.....JAMES PHILLIPS, Esq.
Fourth District...A. W. JOURDAN, Esq.
Col. C. R. Wheat, Col. Henry Forno, Col. C. Emerson,
Col. A, W. Bosworth, Robt. A. Grinnan, Esq., Richard Richardson, Esq.,
V. H. Ivy, Esq., Samuel G. Risk, Esq., John Adams, Esq.,
Wm. Sutton, Esq., Joseph Bruneau, Esq., A. Schreiber, Esq.,
Edward Flash, Esq., Joseph Etter, Esq., James Beggs, Esq.,
Thomas Hunton, Esq., John Claiborne. Esq., Edward Thompson, Esq.,
Chas. W. Canfield, Esq., N. Trepagnier, Esq., J. K. Rayburn, Esq.,
Charles Leeds, Esq., Joseph Hufty, Esq., H. J. Ranney, Esq.

The Procession will move from the City Hall, opposite Lafayette Square, at 11 o'clock, A. M. precisely, and will pass down St. Charles street to Poydras street, up Poydras street to Camp street, down Camp and Chartres streets to Conti street, up Conti street to Levee street, down Levee street to Toulouse street, down Toulouse street to Chartres street, down Chartres street to St. Ann street, down St. Ann street to Royal street, up Royal street to St. Louis street, down St. Louis street to Bourbon street, up Bourbon and Carondelet streets to St. Joseph street, up St. Joseph street to Camp street, down Camp street to Julia street, down Julia street to St. Charles street, down St. Charles street to Lafayette Square.

And in order that all those who participate in the Funeral Obsequies may have an opportunity of witnessing it, the ceremony of depositing the Urns in the Cenotaph on Lafayette Square will take place as soon as the Grand Marshal shall have formed the entire procession in column en masse, on Lafayette Square, when the Rev. Mr. Walker will pronounce the Benediction in depositing the Urns in the Cenotaph; at the closing of which ceremony the procession will be dismissed by the Grand Marshal.

Immediately after which, the following ceremonies at the places designated will take place:

AT LYCEUM HALL, First District--Prayer by Rev. Mr. Walker--Funeral Dirge, by Band--Eulogy on JOHN C. CALHOUN, by Hon. Geo. Eustis--Benediction, by Rev. Mr. Dobbs.

AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, First District--Prayer, by Rev. Mr. Cleghorn--Funeral Dirge, by Band--Eulogy on HENRY CLAY, by Hon. Theo H. McCaleb--Benediction, by Rev. Mr. Cleghorn.

AT DR. SCOTT'S CHURCH, Lafayette Square--Prayer, by Rev. Dr. Scott--Funeral Dirge, by the Choir--Eulogy on DANIEL WEBSTER, by Hon. Christian Roselius--Benediction, by Rev. Mr. J. Twitchell.

The Arrangements of the Day will be under command of the Grand Marshal. Minute guns will be fired during the day from the head of Canal street.

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