of the First District Public Schools ordered that the boys and male teachers of the schools should join in the Procession, with the Directors themselves at their head.

The New England Society, one of the first associations in the South, from the influential positions of its members in our city society and, business, of course took a deep interest in the projected ceremonies. They felt the loss of DANIEL WEBSTER, not alone as Massachusetts men, but as natives of all of those States which form New England, and to which the departed orator was more especially endeared. The large number of New Englanders resident in the city and visiting it, answered the first call of the Society with alacrity and at a meeting held on the 2d December, a Committee of Arrangements was appointed to prepare for a general turn out of the New Englanders in a style befitting their numbers and the interest they more peculiarly felt on this occasion of mourning. The Committee consisted of Messrs. J. W. Stanton, Zachary Taylor, Geo. W. Lamb, J. H. Felt, L. Spring, W. H. Carter, and W. H. Bartlett. On the 7th December, they published the following notice:

The Committee of Arrangements appointed at a meeting of the natives of New England, held at the office of the Crescent Insurance Company, on the 2d inst., respectfully invite all natives of New England that may be in the city on the 9th inst., whether citizens or strangers, to join with them in observing the ceremonies of the day.

The Committee are induced to extend the invitation in this special manner, inasmuch as very many of their fellow-citizens (New Englanders) are members of various city societies and bodies, viz: the Military, Odd Follows, Firemen, &c., and as such intend to join in the Procession and other observances of the day.

While we cheerfully recognize the duty of members of the societies referred to to join with their respective societies in the observance of the ceremonies, yet the Committee venture to hope and believe that on an occasion like this, which is to do honor to the memory of our illustrious Statesman, the pride and glory of every native of New England, DANIEL WEBSTER, together With his eminent fellow-statesmen CALHOUN and CLAY, that all sons of the Pilgrims, without exception, will specially unite for that purpose.

The Committee, therefore, earnestly invite all natives of the New England States, that may be in the city, to meet on the morning of the 9th inst., at the office of the Crescent Insurance Company, corner of Camp Street and Commercial Alley, for the purpose of organizing and joining in the Procession.

The Shipmasters in port were called on to meet on the evening of the 7th December, at the office of J. P. Whitney & Co., 91 Camp Street. The meeting was fully attended, and suitable measures were taken for this influential body to participate in the ceremonies.

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