and I. N. Marks was appointed Secretary. The chair briefly stated the objects of the meeting.

Mr. Cohen, as one of the Committee of Arrangements on the part of the city, gave information in relation to the general arrangements for the 9th December.

On motion of J. A. Barelli, a committee of five was appointed to make all necessary arrangements for the South Carolinians to join in the ceremonies.

The Committee was composed of M. M. Cohen, I. N. Marks, J. D. B. DeBow, A. C. Labatt, and Dr. Axson.

The meeting then adjourned to assemble again on the call of the Committee of Arrangements.

On the 2d December, the Committee published a call for another meeting to take place on the 7th, and also inviting all Carolinians to unite on the morning of the 9th, at the City Hall, opposite Lafayette Square, to arrange for taking their place in the Procession.

On the 23d November, the Foremen of that very large, influential and respectable body, the Fire Department of this city, held a meeting and adopted the following Preamble and Resolutions:

Whereas, The citizens of New Orleans in common with the people of this great nation, have decreed it but proper to set apart a day to do honor to the memories of the three great American statesmen, JOHN C. CALHOUN, HENRY CLAY and DANIEL WEBSTER, the exalted spirits of the age, and the very pillars of this happy confederacy; who have lately passed from our midst, and thus deprived this country of its wisest guides and counsellors. And

Whereas, we, members of the Fire Department of this city, fully sensible of the greatness of the departed, and the services they have rendered to their country, do most cordially approve of the matter proposed.

Resolved, That we, members of the Fire Department of the city of New Orleans, do most cordially approve and sanction the course of our citizens in setting apart a day for celebrating the funeral solemnities of these great and good men, and pledge our aid and influence in endeavoring to procure the general participation of the Department.

(Signed) J. C. McLELLAN, Chairman.
Rich'd. L. ROBERTSON, Jr., Sec'y.

From this time up to within a day or two of the funeral ceremonials, all the various Societies of the city, Military, Benevolent, Firemen, Masonic, Odd Fellows, Temperance, Screwmen, Printers, Grocers, were actively engaged in preparing for the occasion, not only to make a striking display of their own numbers, but to give a more imposing effect to the entire ceremony. The Board of Directors

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