then appointed to act as the Committee of Arrangements, and were clothed. with full power to carry out the plans already adopted, and to take such other steps in perfecting them as they might deem necessary.

The Sub-Committee of Arrangements were now busily occupied in despatching invitations to be present at the ceremonies, to all parts of the country--to Governors of States, Mayors of Cities, City Councils, distinguished citizens, members of the Federal Government, and especially, as a mark of respect, to the families of the deceased. The Sub-Committee also had a large amount of labor in drawing up, with the very efficient aid of the Grand Marshal, Col. Labuzan, Deputy U. S. Marshal for this district, the general features and minute details of the Programme of Ceremonies.

On Friday, November 19th, the Sub-Committee published the following circular, the object of which will be seen by a perusal:

The citizens of New Orleans have set aside the ninth day of December next, for the celebration of appropriate Funeral Ceremonies in respect to the memory of the deceased Statesmen, CALHOUN, CLAY and WEBSTER. The occasion will be one of peculiar solemnity and interest, and the ceremony will be of a grand and impressive character.

It is desirable that our fellow countrymen, in the interior and at a distance, sharing in the profound emotions of reverence for the illustrious dead, and regret for the bereavement of the nation in their loss, should have an opportunity to take a part in the public manifestations of these feelings. The Committee, therefore, express the hope that their country friends of this and the neighboring States, will join them in the procession of that day, and give to the mournful pageant a more imposing aspect as a wider demonstration of the national grief.

It is believed that a large assemblage could be gathered here, without sensible inconvenience to the visitors and little absolute cost. Business brings great numbers to the city during the winter, and timely arrangements could, in many cases, make that time quite as convenient for the purpose as any other. It is an object, however, well worthy of an effort; and the Committee hope to see here many visitors, representing worthily the sympathies of the people of other places in the paying of these Public Honors to departed Genius, Virtue and Wisdom.

(Signed by the Committee.)

The above circular was sent to the interior. On the 18th November, a card appeared signed by Messrs. R. J. Ward, R. W. Adams, C. Barlett, J. T. Belknap, L. McKnight, Edward Parmele, H. S. Buckner, Tho. Hunter, M. 0. H. Norton, Chas. Harper, H. G. Adams, L. D. Addison, Jr., Logan Hunton, John W. Price, J. L. Armstrong, Ben. Bland, Chas. F. Sands, John H. Owen, Geo. F. Strother, R. W. Kearney, Edward J. Carrell, F. F. Parmele, Wm. Chambers, Colville Bell, F. S. Browne, A. S. Trotter, Garnett Duncan, J. M. Fimister--calling on Kentuckians in the city and vicinity to

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