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NOVA Transcriptions in NUTRIAS
Records of New Orleans Municipal Government and Orleans Parish Offices and Courts

The New Orleans Volunteer Association (NOVA) is a loosely organized group of genealogists from across the country who have banded together to transcribe records useful to genealogists researching ancestors in Orleans Parish. The majority of NOVA's transcriptions are posted on the Orleans Parish page of the U.S. GenWeb Project (

The City Archives of New Orleans Public Library has entered into an agreement with the NOVA volunteers that any transcriptions of New Orleans' official municipal records or Orleans Parish agencies and civil and criminal court records (the originals of which are housed in the City Archives at NOPL) will be posted in NUTRIAS, where they will be described according to archival principles and where they will join the finding aids and inventories created by the NOPL archivists for other municipal and parochial records. The Orleans Parish U.S. GenWeb page will provide links to the transcriptions in NUTRIAS.

In order to make the NOVA transcriptions more easily available to the volunteers, however, we have agreed to create a special page in NUTRIAS where all of the transcriptions will be gathered together. The transcriptions are also linked directly from their finding aids in NUTRIAS so that their relationship to other records held by NOPL will be preserved.

The City Archives expresses its gratitude to all of the NOVA volunteers for their willingness to turn these transcriptions over to NUTRIAS and, especially, for their dedication to making the content of these records available online.

Records Relating to Insanity:

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