New Orleans Public Library
Louisiana Division
Index to the Louisiana Division's
Rare Vertical File

The Louisiana Division's "Rare Vertical File" is a collection of ephemeral material dating, for the most part, from the year 1930 and earlier. It is arranged by form of material, with individual items filed numerically within each form category. Look here for a list of the form categories used.

This index is arranged alphabetically by the names (individual, business, organization, institution, or place) and subjects represented in the RVF. Each name or subject is followed by a list of the categories, with specific item numbers, in which relevant materials will be found.

Materials in the "Rare Vertical File" are available to registered Louisiana Division researchers. Please consult with an archivist for further information or assistance.

Name/Subject categories beginning with . . .
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A. Adler & Co.
Invoices, 28
A. Baldwin & Co.
Invoices, 22
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 87-90, 200
A.F. Hansell & Brother
Receipts, 16
A. M. & J. Solari, Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 94, 95, 96
L'Abeille de la Nouvelle-Orleans
Almanacs, 1
Solicitations, 17
Abita Springs
Prospectuses, 12
Academy of Music
Advertisements, 32
Programs--Theatre, 9
Academy of the Holy Angels
Prospectuses, 9
Acorn Club
Tickets, 106
Invitations--Exhibits, 5
Aetna Finance Co.
Blotters, 33
Librettos, 1
Agency of the Sun Mutual Insurance Company of New York
Certificates, 28
Ahrens Ott Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 110
Air Reduction
Blotters, 45
Airey & Stouse
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 118
Alcee Fortier High School, collection of musical programs
Alden, Hinds C.
Licenses, 8
Alexander, the Crystal Seer
Handbills, 12
Alexandra Mining Co.
Reports, 9
Alexandria, Louisiana
Ballots, 1
Algiers Waterworks and Electric Co.
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 1
L'Alliance Franco-Louisianaise
Invitations--Commencement, 18
Almisante Barroso [cruiser ship]
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 50
Amalgamated Association of Street & Electric Railway Employees of America
Contracts, 6
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 27
Tickets, 34
Amelia, Princess [Spiritual Advisor, Phrenologist]
Advertisements, 84
American Association of Masters, Mates and Pilots
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 16
American Bar Association
Obituaries and Funeral Notices, 3
Programs--Conventions, 9
American Country Life Association
Programs--Conventions, 15
American Federation of Labor
Business Cards, 8
American Legion
Broadsides, 36, 55
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 10
American Military Engineers, Louisiana Post
Invitations--Balls, 12
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Pamphlet--Establishing a standard of measurement for natural gas in large quantities
Ang Mithi Ng Mga Bayani
Antoine Restaurant
Souvenirs, 34
Appalachian Corporation
Prospectuses, 1
Arbor Day
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 26
Archdiocese of New Orleans
Programs--Anniversaries, 2
L'Archconfrerie du Tres Saint et Immacule Coeur de Marie
Souvenirs, 8
Arena, John
Licenses, 2, 3, 4
Arieux, L.P. [Meat Retailer]
Business Cards, 73
Armand Hawkins Co.
Advertisements, 27
Armory Hall
Tickets, 52
"Army and Navy" Reception
Programs--Balls, 13
Army of Northern Virginia
Programs--Banquets, 5
Army of Northern Virginia Benevolent Association
Applications, 11
Arthur, John Stephen
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 3
Arts and Crafts Club
Handbills, 1
Pamphlet--Bulletin of the New Orleans Art School, 1929-1930
Programs--Exhibits, 1, 2
Yearbooks, 3, 4, 5, 6
Asphalt Paving Conference (1928)
Programs--Conventions, 3, 4
Reports, 21-30
Souvenirs, 5
Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows and Orphans
Eleventh Annual Report of the Association for the Relief of Jewsih Widows and Orphans (1866) Click here to read it online!
Association of Commerce, National Advertising Committee
Pamphlet--A city of a million
Association of Railway Claim Agents
Invitations--Conventions, 10
Atchafalaya Railroad and Banking Co.
Reports, 32
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 38
Tickets, 9, 24, 25
Athenee Louisianais
Invitations--Lectures, 2
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 6, 7
Programs--Miscellaneous, 1, 2, 3
Athletic Park Amusement Co., Inc.
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 42
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.
Advertisements, 54
Aucoin Perfume Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 146
Auction (Public) contents of jewelry store
Broadsides, 69
Broadsides, 27, 31, 33, 34
Catalogs, 3, 5, 6, 11
Audubon Building Co., Ltd.
Contracts, 4
Audubon Minstrels
Advertisements, 1
Audubon Monument Association
Appointments, 3
Audubon Skating Rink
Programs--Miscellaneous, 12
Augustin, Helena [Pianist]
Handbills, 17
Autographs Book [young woman's, 1912-1928]
Pamphlet--One mile up
B. Rosenberg & Sons [Shoes]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 41, 42
"Baby Bonds"
Checks, Notes, Etc., 8, 12, 13
Baby's Book, 1912
Bachaus, Wilhelm [Pianist]
Programs--Concerts, 53
Bailey, Alfred M.
Pamphlet--Observations on the water birds of Louisiana
Bailey, Corinne M.
Tickets, 9
Les Bals des Roses
Programs--Balls, 9
Ballejo, Charles [Family Grocer]
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 32
Ballester, J. [Cigars]
Views--Buildings, 24
Ballot Reform League
Handbills, 4
Baltimore Shoe & Clothing Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 54
Bancroft, Ross & Sinclair Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 188
Band of the Eighth Mexican Cavalry
Programs--Concerts, 66
Bank of Commerce of New Orleans
Checks, Notes, Etc., 6, 7
Baptist Hospital
Solicitations, 25
Barataria Guest House and Restaurant
Correspondence, 6
Barber of Seville
Librettos, 2
Barrere Little Symphony
Programs--Concerts, 57, 58
Base Ball Depot
Business Cards, 39
Bates, Mr. & Mrs. [Spiritual Psychics]
Business Cards, 9
Battle Abbey
Programs--Dedications, 2, 3
Battle of New Orleans
Letterheads--Organizations, 35
Programs--Banquets, 4
Speeches, 6
Battle of September 14, 1874 [Battle of Liberty Place]
Programs--Anniversaries, 5
Souvenirs, 16, 17
Views--Buildings, 66
Bauer, Harold [Pianist]
Programs--Concerts, 52
Beach, General Lansing
Tickets, 47
Beau Geste
Programs--Miscellaneous, 35
Beauregard Monument Association
Invitations--Dedications, 11
Programs--Dedications, 6
Beauregard School
Invitations--Commencement, 26
Beeler, John A.
Business Cards, 60
Beer, William
Correspondence, 10 (regarding Census Books, 1897)
Obituaries, 15
Pamphlet--Some prints of interest to students of Louisiana history
Behrman, Martin
Speeches, 8
Tickets, 30, 109
Behrman Memorial Fund
Tickets, 11
Behrman, "Pappa", 1925 mayoral race, political cartoon, artist unknown
Editorials, 5
Bell, A. C.
Magazine Article--"History and selection of street paving in the city of New Orleans."
Bell, William
Solicitations, 16
Bellew, Kyrle
Advertisements, 6
Bellonte, Maurice [French Flier]
Invitations--Banquets, 6
Bellott & Burrell
Invoices, 9
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
Reports, 18
Benoist, Shaw & Co.
Checks, Notes, Etc., 1, 2, 10
Benson, Charles [Carriage Manufacturer]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 198
Bernhardt, Sarah
Advertisements, 31
Bernard Regenbogen Furniture Store
Advertisement, 90
Bienvenu, Charles T.
Obituaries, 11
Bienville Hotel
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 68, 69
Bienville Praline Co.
Handbills, 22
Bille, Dr. W.
Business Cards, 56
Pamphlet--Bird fauna of two sections
Pamphlet--Observations on the water birds of Louisiana
Blenk, Archbishop James H.
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 36
Invitations--Receptions, 6
Solicitations, 10
Blessing, S. T. [Photographer]
Views--Buildings, 30
Blue Book
Pamphlet--Blue book
B'nai B'rith
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 32
Programs--Concerts, 13
Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans
Letterheads--Organizations, 47, 48
Programs--Dedications, 4
Board of Commissioners, Orleans Levee District
Letterheads--Organizaitons, 19, 20, 39
Board of Directors, Public Schools
Letterheads--Organizations, 41
Board of Police Commissioners
Letterheads--Organizations, 45, 46
Bonboniere Cafe
Pamphlet--Guide to old French Quarter, New Orleans, La. (by Josiah Gross, Esq.)
Booth, A. B. [Real Estate Loans, Insurance, & Investment]
Business Cards, 66
"The Boss Mean Man"
Broadsides, 67
Boston Club
Programs--Banquets, 2
Views--Buildings, 44
Boutin, Gally & Co.
Broadsides, 32
Boylan, Milton W. [Attorney]
Business Cards, 47
Breckenridge, John C.
Souvenirs, 23
Brief for New Orleans, 1922 "The Port of the Mississippi Valley to the World"
Prospectuses, 15
Bruening, Rev. Augustine I.
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 1
Buffalos [Benevolent Order]
Meeting Notices, 1
Buffet, Eugenie
Programs--Concerts, 13
Buhlig, Richard
Invitations--Concerts, 2
Buildings, Views
Pamphlets--New Orleans, gateway to the Panama Canal
Bulls' Aid and Pleasure Club
Invitations--Dedications, 13
Bureau of New Orleans News
Reports, 39
Business Men's Racing Association, Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 40
Busoni, Ferruccio
Programs--Concerts, 2
By-Laws and Sick Benefits of Local Union No. 130, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Booklets, 12
C. T. Patterson Co., Ltd. [Mill Supplies]
Blotters, 13
Caine & Baker [Doctors]
Invoices, 14
Caldwell, James
Calles, Plutarchio Elias [President of Mexico]
Invitations--Banquets, 18
Calvert, C.R.
Magazine Article--"The Pontchartrain Railroad, the birth of the railroad in the Mississippi Valley" in Illinois Central Magazine (May, 1916) pp. 12-20
Camp Beauregard
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 25
Camp Nicholls
Invitations--Receptions, 11
Letterheads--Institutions, 10, 11, 13
Canal and Claiborne Railroad Co.
Charters, 24
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 18, 19, 20
Canal Bank and Trust Co.
Advertisements, 82
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 38, 186
Canal-Commercial Trust and Savings Bank
Blotters, 56
Invitations--Dedications, 7
Canal-Louisiana Bank and Trust Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 29
Canal Street
Views--Buildings, 63
Candy Stand at 211 Canal Street January 5, 1896
Announcements, 15
Capitol De Luxe [Steamer]
Tickets, 18, 19
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Programs--Miscellaneous, 16, 17, 18
"Carnival Queen"
Sheet Music, 2
Carnot Debate
Programs--Miscellaneous, 7
Carrie Nation Club
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 22, 23
Carrollton Avenue Bridge
Schedules, 20
Carrollton Avenue Paving Committee
Prospectuses, 14
Carrollton Express
Receipts, 7
Cassidy's Hotel
Business Cards, 3, 4, 43
Castle, Irene
Programs--Concerts, 32
Catholic Knights of America
Invitations--Conventions, 4
Catholic Winter School of America
Announcements, 3
Catalogs, 4
Cavorac, C. [Wholesale Liquor Dealer]
Views--Buildings, 31
Cazadores de Orleans
Pamphlet--Reglamentos de la Compania Cazadores de Orleans
Central Baptist Church
Broadsides, 46
Central Club
Charters, 1
Central Council of Social Agencies
Advertisements, 3
Central Elevator and Warehouse Company
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 123
Central Trades and Labor Council
Invitations--Lectures, 1
Le Cercle Lyrique
Programs--Recitals, 6
Chaille, Dr. Stanford E.
Pamphlet--Address on State medicine and medical organization
Pamphlet--State medicine and state medical societies
Chaliapin, Feodor [Basso]
Programs--Concerts, 55
Charity Hospital
Invitations--Commencement, 20, 24
Letterheads--Institutions, 14, 15, 17
Programs--Commencement, 9, 10, 11
Programs--Dedications, 1
Receipts, 1
Views--Buildings, 55-62, 63
Charity Organization Society
Applications, 4
Invitations--Receptions, 8
Letterheads--Organizations, 32
Chase Bag Co.
Advertisements, 14-23
Chemet, Renee
Programs--Concerts, 34
Cherkassky, Chura [Pianist]
Programs--Concerts, 56
Chess, Checkers and Whist Club
Charters, 41, 42, 43
Views--Buildings, 35
Chicago Bargain Store
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 6
Children's Home [New Orleans]
Annual Reports, 19
Chinchuba Deaf Mute Institute
Invitations--Commencement, 22, 23
Choctaw Club
Handbills, 26
Letterheads--Organizations, 2
Tickets, 11
Christ Church Cathedral
Pamphlet--Directory, Christ Church Cathedral
Church Club of Louisiana
Charters, 29
Meeting Notices, 13, 14
Church of the Annunciation
Letterheads--Institutions, 18
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Official Calendar, June, 1932
Calendars, 1
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Official Calendar, July, 1933
Calendars, 2
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Official Calendar, November, 1933
Calendars, 3
Ciccolo Universitario Italiano
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 33
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Programs--Concerts, 29, 30
Cinderella Dance
Programs--Balls, 14, 15, 16, 17
Citizens and Taxpayers Protective Association
Applications, 12, 13
Broadsides, ?
Reports, 19
Citizens' Bank of Louisiana
Charters, 15, 21, 80
Checks, Notes, etc., 14
Pamphlets--The history of Dixie
Citizens' Protective Association
Letterheads--Organizations, 42
City Park Avenue and Vicinity Improvement Association
Letterheads--Organizations, 3, 6
Civil District Court
Letterheads--Institutions, 21
Claiborne, William to Joseph Soniat Dufossat
Correspondence, 8
Advertisements, 8, 9, 10, 11
Clark, Charles W. [Singer]
Programs--Concerts, 36
Clay, Henry
Programs--Anniversaries, 15
Souvenirs, 19, 20
Blotters, 4
Coliseum Place Baptist Church
Tickets, 100
College and Church of the Immaculate Conception
Certificates, 13, 14
Letterheads--Institutions, 8
Tickets, 40, 76, 77
Collens, T. Wharton, Jr. [Court Reporter]
Business Cards, 61
Colonel Ames' New Orleans Menagerie and Circus
Broadsides, 22
Colored Post No. 1, Volunteers of America
Broadsides, 38, 39
Columbia Brewing Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 11
Columbia Fishing Club
Tickets, 54
Columbian Celebration (1892)
Programs--Anniversaries, 14
Combination Toilet Stand Co., Ltd.
Invoices, 32
Commercial Bank of New Orleans
Charters, 11
Commercial-Germania Trust and Savings Bank
Contracts, 4
Commercial Hotel
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 21, 139
Community Life Insurance Co.
Blotters, 21, 24
Conclave Concert & Beer Saloon
Tickets, 108
Condensed History of New Orleans for the Tourist (Grey Lines Tours)
Souvenirs, 35
Condran, M. and S.L. James
Tickets, 15
Confederate Money
Checks, Notes, Etc., 4, 5
Confederate Monument
Buildings, 63
Confederate Flags
Pamphlet--The flags of the Confederate States of America
Confederate States of America
Checks, Notes, etc., 15, 16
Congressional Red River Improvement Association
Invitations--Conventions, 9
Meeting Notices, 17
Connell, W.E.
Invoices, 17-24
Consolidated Association of the Planters of Louisiana
Annual Reports, 19
Constitution Club
Souvenirs, 6, 7
Constitutional Convention of 1898
Programs--Anniversaries, 3
Consular Corps
Charters, 30, 31
Invitations--Banquets, 8
Consumers Biscuit Co.
Letters--20th Century Business Firms, 25
Contessa Entellina
Letterheads--Organizations, 7
Convent of the Holy Family
Certificates, 23
Convention and Tourist Bureau
Pamphlet--New Orleans Old and New
Pamphlet--New Orleans: The Convention City and Gateway to Panama
Pamphlet--New Orleans: The Most Delightful Convention City in America
Cortot, Alfred
Programs--Concerts, 15, 67
Cosgrove, Beatrice
Magazine Article--"'Margaret' the first statue of a woman to be erected in the United States," Holland's Magazine (June, 1926)
Cosmopolitan Ice Co.
Certificates, 33
Coste, Dieudonne [French Flyer]
Invitations--Banquets, 6
Cotillion Club
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 28
Cotton Presses
Schedules, 2
Cotton Yard Men's Benevolent Association
Charters, 34, 35
Courrier de la Louisiana
Receipts, 6
Court of Two Sisters
Courtesy Electric Service
Business Cards, 35
Crawford, Jenkins & Booth, Ltd.
Invoices, 21
Creole Mansion Hotel
Advertisements, 91
Crescent City Almanac
Almanacs, 3
Crescent City Book Bindery
Invoices, 37
Crescent City Gas Light Company
Charters, 26
Crescent City Live Stock Landing and Slaughterhouse Company
Charters, 29
Crescent City Military Band and Orchestra
Business Cards, 44
Crescent City Railroad Co.
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 17, 21, 22, 23
Crescent City Seltz and Mineral Water Co.
Business Cards, 22
Crescent City White League
Pamphlet--Roll of Honor
Crescent Clothes
Business Cards, 14
Crescent Rowing Club
Charters, 62
"Crib Bill"
Broadsides, 62
Criminal Courts and Jail Building (Saratoga Street)
Letterheads--Organizations, 45
Views--Buildings, 41
Criminal District Court
Letterheads--Institutions, 20
Crisp's Gaiety
Broadsides, 26
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 187, 196
Cushing, William L. [Eagle Cotton Gin Depot]
Views--Buildings, 20
D.H. Holmes
Invitations--Balls, 13, 14
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 80
Pamphlet--What She Wore
Receipts, 20, 21
Daily Crescent
Receipts, 9
Daily Item
Receipts, 17
Daily Picayune
Invoices, 1
Daily States Publishing Co.
Invoices, 36
Daisy Warehouses
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 8
Dameron-Pierson Co., Ltd.
Blotters, 42
Damrosch Opera Company
Advertisements, 29, 30
Dan W. Feitel Bag Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 9, 10
Danziger & Tessier [Auctioneers]
Catalogs, 3
D'Aquin Insurance Agency, Inc.
Blotters, 17, 19
Darcantel & Diasselliss [Contractors & Builders]
Business Cards, 33
D’Arcantel, Paul with Claiborne, William C. (Signature)
Appointments, 4
Dart, Henry Plauceh
Pamphlet--Federal quarantine.
Dauphine Theatre
Programs--Theatre, 52, 53, 54
Davenport, Miss J.M. [Actress]
Broadsides, 26
Davis, Jefferson
Souvenirs, 18
see also Oversized RVF
Davis, Pierre
Contracts, 5
Davis, Varina Jefferson
Programs--Memorial Services, 1
DePouilly, J.N.B. [Architect]
Pamphlet--Specifications, St. Louis Cathedral
Debs, Eugene V.
Invitations--Lectures, 1
DeDroit, George [Musician]
Business Cards, 51, 52
DeDroit's Military Band and Orchestra
Business Cards, 52
Defossez's French Opera Company
Reports, 31
Deiler, J. Hanno
Magazine Article--"J. Hanno Deiler, eine wurdigung," German American Annals, Sept & Oct. 1909
Delgado & Co.
Checks, Notes, Etc., 9
Invoices, 26
Delisle, S.G. [Architect & City Surveyor]
Advertisements, 50
Delta Safety Society & New Orleans Chapter, American Society of Safety Engineers
Certificates, 34
Democratic Party Parish Primary
Ballots, ?
Denegre Family
Calling Cards, 2
Denis, Edmund J. [Hardware]
Broadsides, 44, 45
Department of Public Works, citizen's letter of complaint, July 26, 1907
Correspondence, 4
Deutsch, Eberhard Paul
Calling Cards, 3
Deutsche Bank
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 36, 37
Deutschen Gesellschaft von New Orleans
Applications, 10
Deutschen Ordens der Harugari
Charters, 5, 6, 7
Dibert, Bancroft & Ross, Co. [Foundry]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 109, 129
Dillon, Catherine Collection
Programs--Banquets, 4
Programs--Concerts, 14, 32
Programs--Opera, 21
Programs--Theatre, 15, 38
Ditty Box (The), September, 1918
Ditty Box (The), November, 1918
Ditty Box (The), January, 1919
Ditty Box (The), April, 1919
Dixie Laundry
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 50
Dixie Printing and Supply Company
Blotters, 59
Dixie Showboat Players
Souvenirs, 1, 2, 3
Donaldson, Armstrong [Real Estate Agent]
Advertisements, 51
Douglas Public Service Corporation
Letterheads-20th C Business Firms, 218
Douglas, Wil H. [Customhouse Contractor]
Invoices, 2
Dowler, Dr. Bennet
Pamphlet--Tableau ... of New Orleans
Pamphlet--Tableau of the yellow fever of 1853
Downs, L.A.
Pamphlet--Serving a great city.
Dufreche, Simon [Butcher]
Business Cards, 53
Duncan-Steele Realtors
Souvenirs, 10
Dunkley, Ferdinand
Programs--Recitals, 1
Dupre, Ralph [Shoes]
Blotters, 15, 16
Dwyer Brothers [Notions Store]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 75
E. C. Villere Company
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 78
E. J. Hart & Co. [Grocers & Druggists]
Views--Buildings, 1
E. Rolland Lady's Hair Store
Views--Buildings, 18
Eagle Cotton Gin Depot
Views--Buildings, 20
Eagle Score Card
Schedules, 5, 6
Earhart's Pharmacy
Business Cards, 26
East Louisiana Railroad Co.
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 25, 26
Schedules, 15
Easton, Florence [Soprano]
Programs--Concerts, 51
Easton, Warren
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 37
Ecole Gratuite de Garcons de Societe Francaise du 14 Juillet
Certificates, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Edison Electric Co.
Invoices, 34
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 11
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 57, 58, 206
Eichling, C.W. [Farm & Floral Products]
Catalogs, 1
Election Returns
Pamphlet--Returns of elections [1920 & 1924] Click here to read it online!
Ballots, 5, 6, 7
Electric Appliance Co.
Blotters, 40, 41
Elk Motor Oil
Blotters, 58
Ellis Circulating Library. Book cover, plates & rules
Engelbach, Theo [M.D.]
Business Cards, 68
English Grand Opera Company
Programs--Opera, 16
English Speaking Union
Invitations--Banquets, 15
Englund's Tea and Coffee Depot
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 51
Euphrosine Social Club
Tickets, 10
Eureka Homestead Society
Blotters, 22
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 185
Ewing, Robert [Candidate for the Democratic State Central Committee]
Broadsides, 41
Exchange Club of New Orleans
Letterheads--Organizations, 11
Executive Committee, General Conference, on the Improvement of Channel at Mouth of the Mississippi River
Letterheads--Organizations, 34
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital
Solicitations, 26

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