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R1375 01200 I-10 Service Rd. La Quinta Motel
1983/06/24 52264 Ernest E. Verges and Associates

R2509 06701 I-10 Service Rd. Christian Faith Family Life Center New Construction 1999/07/29 B99003847 Clifton C. James & Associates

R0297 06800 I-10 Service Rd. Lawrence Creek Apartments
1971/11/11 92792 Dreyfus, Leonard L.

R0391 08500 I-10 Service Rd. Oakbrook Village Apartments
1972/02/08 93913 Pelias, Gus Jr.

R2721 08501 I-10 Service Rd. Walnut Square New construction 2007/05/02 07com00820 SRF Group

R0406 08501 I-10 Service Rd. Walnut Square Apartments
1972/04/04 94777 Arms, E. R.

R0417 08800 I-10 Service Rd. Gas Light Square Apartments
1972/05/19 95532 Dodds, Hotard and Vicari

R1374 09701 I-10 Service Rd. Cinema Eight Theatre
1984/03/05 56891 J. M. Shields, Jr.

R1259 10022 I-10 Service Rd. Motel
1983/07/05 52432 Mathes Group

R0946 10064 I-10 Service Rd. Retail Store
1980/02/04 B34222 Sam Scandaliato (Engineer)

R2371 10100 I-10 Service Rd. Hotel East Associates Renovations 1999/12/01 B99006072 Wikoff & Mestayer, Inc., Architects

R0494 10100 I-10 Service Rd. Travel Lodge Motel
1974/04/08 4719 George Saunders and Associates

R0418 10301 I-10 Service Rd. Valhalla Apartments
1973/08/08 2630 Cosner, J. R.

R1155 10440 I-10 Service Rd. Jerome Pontiac New Automotive Facility 1983/02/21 49917 L.H. Case

R1497 13119 I-10 Service Rd. Word of Faith Temple Gymnasium 1984/11/20 62035 Jack Gilliland & Assoc.

R2547 13150 I-10 Service Rd. Toyota of New Orleans New Construction 1999/11/15 B99005865 Castles Design Group W S Engineering, Inc.

R1404 00111 Iberville Canal Place 2000
1983/02/28 4231 RTKL Associates

R0766 00509 Iberville Three story commercial building Repair of fire damage 1981/02/17 VCC Hewitt Washington & Associates

R2476 00519-00523 Iberville

2002/08/08 B02003786 Williams & Associates, Architects

V221 00525 Iberville
Renovations 1993/07/15
Lewis Clements

R0910 00533 Iberville Five Story Office and Apartment Building Alterations 1974/01/07 B4228 John F. Morton

R2657 00535 Iberville Chateau Stumpf Renovation to apartments 2007/06/04 07com01054 SCNZ Architects

R2676 00535 Iberville Stumpf Building Internal demolition 2007/04/07 07bld08250 SCNZ Architects

R0988 00537 Iberville
Renovation 1981/04/30 B40435 D. Maginnis

R0749 00537 Iberville Five story building Garage entrance--Alterations 1981/03/31 VCC Donald Maginnis

179 00716 Iberville Iberville Garage Co. Seven-Story Garage Building 1925/01 26280 Spink, William E.

R0759 00725 Iberville La Louisiane Restaurant Alterations 1979/08/21 VCC Koch & Wilson

R0760 00725 Iberville La Louisiane Restaurant Alterations 1979/10/04 VCC Koch & Wilson

R0763 00725 Iberville La Louisiane Restaurant Mechanical alterations 1979/10/23 VCC Koch & Wilson

R2429 00725 Iberville La Louisiane Restaurant Alterations 1999/06/29 B99003138 Mark Schroeder, Architect

R2516 00725 Iberville La Louisiane Restaurant Restoration 2000/01/19 B00000231 Moses Engineers Futch Design Associates

R2502 00725 Iberville La Louisiane Restaurant Renovations 2000/11/17 B00005925 Mark Schroeder, Architect

122 00800 Iberville D.H. Holmes Five-Story Storehouse 1919/09/22
Favrot and Livaudais

049 00800 Iberville D.H. Holmes Annex
Architect Unknown

R2029 00825 Iberville D. H. Holmes Annex Apartments Renovation/Conversion 1993/12/16 17761 Hewitt-Washington/Maginnis-Dwyer Joint Venture

R1256 00829-00835 Iberville

1983/05/16 51387 I.W. Sizeler

R2536 00841 Iberville Deanie's Seafood
2001/03/22 B01001435 Williams & Associates, Architects

R0911 00901 Iberville Dusay's Pet Shop
1964/06 ca. 38864 Seiferth & Gibert

R2321 00939 Iberville French Quarter Residences-Maison Blanche Annex Renovation Renovation 1999/11/08 B99005760 Williams & Associates, Architects

161 00939 Iberville Maison Blanche Annex 1924/01/16 22835 Weil, Emile

V222 00939 Iberville Maison Blanche Renovations 1990/01/05
John C. Williams

R1911 00939 Iberville Maison Blanche Annex--Conversion to parking garage 1990/05/31 93233 John C. Williams

R2380 01000 Iberville McCrory Building Alterations 1998/06/08 B98002803 Lyons & Hudson, Architects

R1703 01201 Iberville Krauss Co., Ltd.X Garage Building 1950/03/28 12390 Favrot and Reed

R0245 01410 Iberville Krauss Co. Garage Building 1957/07/02 2123 Favrot, Reed, Mathes and Bergman

F007 02014 Iberville Parking Garage Addition 1959/05/05 18689 Favrot and Grimball

Iberville & N. Pierce New Orleans Public Service Canal Street Substation 1924/05/27 23921 No Architect Listed

Iberville (Custom House) and the Levee New Orleans and Grand Isle Railroad Co. Telephone Office 1894/07/19

Iberville, Basin, N. Robertson & St. Louis Iberville Housing Project Brick Layout for Base Course 1941/12/22
Benson. Christy & Spink

Iberville, N. Claiborne, St. Louis & Crozat Iberville Housing Project Additional Means of Egress 1955/11/11 63927 Sol Rosenthal

Industrial Canal & Chef Menteur Higgins Industries Storage and Garage Building 1944/04/14 22945

Industrial Canal & Hayne Baroid Division--National Lead Co. Wharf 1955/11/16 63923 A.W. Thompson (Eng.)

Industrial Canal between Gentilly & Florida Pendleton Shipyard
1942/03/12 22425 Bernard, Godat & Heft (Engineers)

Industrial Canal near Chef Menteur Ideal Cement Co. New Orleans Cement Terminal 1950/10/25 15461 Owen LeBlanc (Engineer)

R1148 02863 Industrial Parkway Ergon Trucking Co. General Maintenance Building 1983/03/18 50421 Sam Scandaliato

R0441 04075 Industrial Parkway Highway Express Incorporated Truck Terminal Building 1973/04/07 999 L. Dow Oliver and Associates

F102 15550 Industrial Parkway Quality Transportation Addition to Existing Office and Warehouse Building 1971/03/09 89160 Ludwig, E. B. Jr.

R1840 04100 Intracoastal Michoud Plant Buildings
1964/05/25 47500 Rice, George P. (Engineer)

R0393 14900 Intracoastal Louisiana Cement Co. Plant 1972/12/19 98319/98404 Hixon, T. E. (Engineer)

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