WPA Photographs
Parking Areas

Click on a number in the "Digital #" column for a 600 pixel JPEG version of the photograph. Then use your browser's back button to return to this inventory. Thanks to volunteer Ken Donze for scanning the original negatives.

Series Number Project Series Title Description Date Taken Project Dates OP # Negatives Contact Prints 8x10 Prints Digital #
31.01 Parking Areas Baptist Hospital A parking place for doctors and personnel of the Baptist Hospital, Napoleon Avenue, was built by WPA. Exterior. 2/28/1937 2/21/1938 465-64-1-42 1 1
31.02 Parking Areas Touro Infirmary Parking space provided by WPA near Touro Infirmary. Exterior 2/28/1937 2/21/1938 465-64-1-42 1 1
31.03 Parking Areas Tulane Stadium Tulane Stadium at South Claiborne Avenue parking lot. Exterior. 6/27/1938

1 1
31.04 Parking Areas Tulane Stadium WPA built parking lot near Tulane football field. Exterior. 7/15/1938

5 1
3; 5

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