WPA Photographs

Click on a number in the "Digital #" column for a 600 pixel JPEG version of the photograph. Thanks to Jayme Jacob for scanning the original negatives.

Series Number Project Series Title Description Date Taken Project Dates OP # Negatives Contact Prints 8x10 Prints Digital #
08.01 Beautification Streets--City Park Avenue Beautification of City Park Avenue. 1/13/1938

1 1
08.02 Beautification Canal Boulevard Sunken Garden WPA transformed an unsanitary and unsightly open drainage canal on Canal Boulevard into an attractive sunken garden. 1/9/1940

7 1
1; 3; 6
08.03 Beautification Azalea Trail Formal opening of Azalea Trail at City Hall, followed by a pageant presented by WPA performers at Delgado Museum of Art in City Park. Exercises sponsored by the Young Men's Business Club. 2/27/1938 2/17/1938- 65-64-1143 14 0
4; 10; 11

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