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Mayor Victor H. Schiro Photograph Collection

Page One Hundred and Fourteen
Photo 708

United States Day, October 1963

[Typed caption attached to photo]: "United States Day was observed here last October with impressive ceremonies that were arranged at City Hall by the Women's Auxiliary of the Chamber of Commerce of the New Orleans Area in cooperation with the Chamber's Americanism Committee, the local United States Day Committee, and City officials. Mayor Victor H. Schiro led the traditional parade of flags that were borne across the Plaza by representatives of veterans' organizations and other patriotic groups. Louisiana National Guardsmen in uniform of the famed Washington Artillery served as color guards and fired a rifle salute when the flags were raised. General Paul D. Harkins, US Army-Retired (at microphone) was welcomed by Mayor Schiro and spoke on "The Glories of Our American Heritage." The ceremonies were followed by a United States Luncheon where General Harkins delivered an address on "Vietnam In Perspective." Hundreds of school children, teachers and patriotic citizens participated in the ceremonies at the Plaza where the mayor proclaimed the observance as part of a nation-wide program sponsored by the United States Day Committee, a national patriotic organization, to focus attention on the importance of patriotism to Americans. The mayor, in proclaiming United States Day, urged all citizens of the New Orleans area to, "stand firm in support of patriotism which is an integral part of this country's heritage."