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Mayor Victor H. Schiro Photograph Collection

Page Sixteen
Photo 62

Confederate Flag
Typewritten caption on reverse: "Col. Elma Holland and Lt. Col. Jeannette Holland, Daytona Beach Fla. Gen. Ramsay in center--we are holding the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy, one of the first flags made--note only seven stars--this flag is at least 100 years old, completely hand sewn by loyal Southern womanhood. The vegetable dyed red--once vivid--has turned to a sandy brown thru the years. Remarkable more so is that this original flag was retrieved from the battlefield (we know not which one) by a Yankee Captain who respected it and for those who made it etc. He vowed to see it returned to the South after the War so that it might be honored by those who protected it. We were indeed honored to be the ones to be chosen to do this. If we do all get together, you shall see this flag--had it at Gen. Williams last right."
Handwritten: "You may have this photo (DR)"