New Orleans Public Library
City Archives/Louisiana Division

Obtaining Reproductions of Photographs
or Other Graphical Materials in the Louisiana Division/City Archives

Reproduction or reuse of the photographs presented in the NOPL website is prohibited without the permission of New Orleans Public Library.

LINK HERE for our Release Form for the Reproduction of Materials
from the New Orleans Public Library Special Collections

The release form must be approved and signed by the appropriate Louisiana Division/City Archives representative in order to constitute our written permission to reproduce.

We cannot release photographs until the form has been approved and signed and until our fees (see below) have been received. We ask all users to be aware that since the paperwork and the copy fees must be received by mail, we cannot fill photograph orders at very short notice. Please place orders well in advance of your project deadline.

To avoid confusion or delay, we ask that off-site users consult the archivist, by phone or e-mail (; 504-596-2610), before mailing the completed form. The mailing address is:

Louisiana Divsion/City Archives
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70112
Reproduction Fees:
The Louisiana Division charges no use fee, but nominal fees for digital copies will apply:

$5.00 each -- images previously scanned at high resolution
$10.00 each -- images not yet scanned

NOTE: We cannot accept payment by credit card. Payment should be sent in the form of a check or money order payable to "New Orleans Public Library."

All of the photographs linked from Louisiana Division Photograph Collection page have been previously scanned, and high resolution .tiff versions (scanned at 300 dpi or higher) are available. Users should note, however, that some images presented in other sections of the NOPL web site -- Images of the Month and Online Exhibits, for example -- may have been scanned at low resolution, for web presentation only. Please contact the archivist for additional information before you mail the release form and payment.

Transmission of images to off-site users:
Digital copies of image files can be posted to a "temporary" URL where they can be downloaded. This is our preferred method of transmission. You will be notified by email (be sure to include you email address on the release form) when the images are ready and where to pick them up.

Alternatively, digital copies of images can be burned to CD or DVD and sent by regular mail. Users may supply a blank CD or DVD, or we will supply CD's for a fee of $2.00.

Under most circumstances, we prefer not to send large image files by e-mail.

Non-Digital Reproductions:
Users who require photographic (rather than digital) reproductions or those who prefer to use the services of an individual photographer or vendor for reproduction should contact the archivist (; 504-596-2610) for information on our policies and procedures.

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