Recent Additions to the Louisiana Photograph Collection
New Orleans Public Library

Folder Twenty-Nine

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Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy at an unidentified event, ca. 1990

Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy presents an award while Police Superintendent Warren Woodfork looks on, ca. 1990

Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy greets New Orleans Police Department officers including Deputy Superintendent Arnesta Taylor, ca. 1990

Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy speaks at an unidentified event while District C Councilmember Jackie Clarkson and Deputy Police Superintendent Arnesta Taylor look on, ca. 1990

Chief Administrative Officer Stewart Walker, ca. 1990

Department of Streets Director Frank Stuart, ca. 1990

A performance at the Carnival Interamericano, 1990

The Crescent City Connection, ca. 1990

Bryan Giddings, coordinator of the city's Office of Emergency Management, 1990

Robert Fezekas, George Bordenave, Ed Jimmerson, Byron Woods, and others, 1990