Mayor deLesseps S. Morrison

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: ca. 1946-1964
Size of collection: 317 prints
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright Information: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division archivist

Scope Note

This relatively small group of photographs reflects mainly ceremonial aspects of Mayor Morrison's activities. The four Morrison inauguration ceremonies are among the better represented categories; a small group of snapshots illustrates the funeral of Mayor Morrison and thus extends the series beyond the Morrison administration. Many other photographs from the Morrison administration can be found among the photographs in the Municipal Government Collection representing specific city agencies, departments, boards and commissions.

The prints were scanned as grayscale images at 400 dpi and saved as 2000 pixel TIFFs using Photoshop 4.0. The TIFFs are being retained as archival masters. Photoshop was also used to produce edited 600 pixel JPEGs and the 200 pixel JPEG thumbnails displayed on the pages listed below.

Additional collections of Morrison photographs can be found at Tulane University in the Manuscripts Collection.


The prints are numbered and filed sequentially. The digital versions on these pages have been arranged in general subject categories. Click on the links below to view thumbnail images; each thumbnail links to a larger image.

Page One
Anniversaries, 1959, 1961
(Photos 1-9)
Page Two
Awards, 1954
(Photo 10)
Page Three
Business and Commerce, 1959
(Photos 11-14)
Page Four
Children, undated
(Photo 15)
Page Five
City Charter, 1952
(Photos 16-17)
Page Six
City Council, undated
(Photo 18)
Page Seven
City Hall, 1955, 1957
(Photos 19-25)
Page Eight
City Planning Commission, 1953-1959
(Photos 26-49)
Page Nine
Civic Center, undated
(Photo 50)
Page Ten
Cuban Refugees, 1961
(Photos 51-56)
Page Eleven
Dedications--Identified, 1956-1957
(Photos 51-61A)
Page Twelve
Fire Department, 1954
(Photo 75)
[Information on #62-#74]
Page Thirteen
Funeral at Gallier Hall, 1964
(Photos 76-79)
Page Fourteen
Groundbreakings--Identified, 1952
(Photo 80)
Page Fifteen
(Photos 81-82)
Page Sixteen
(Photos 83-90)
Page Seventeen
Housing Authority of New Orleans
(Photo 91)
Page Eighteen
Housing Improvement and Slum
Prevention, 1950s-1960s
(Photos 92-115)
Page Nineteen
Inauguration, 1946
(Photos 116-135)
Page Twenty
Inauguration, 1950
(Photos 136-146, 168)
Page Twenty-One
Inauguration, 1954
(Photos 147-166)
Page Twenty-Two
Inauguration, 1958
(Photos 167, 169-172)
Page Twenty-Three
International Week, 1958
(Photos 173-186)
Page Twenty-Four
Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial, 1953
(Photos 187-200)
Page Twenty-Five
Mayor with Identified People, ca. 1956-1961
(Photos 201-208)
Page Twenty-Six
Mayor with Unidentified People, ca. 1957-1959
(Photos 209-223)
Page Twenty-Seven
Media, undated
(Photo 224)
Page Twenty-Eight
Morrison, Corinne, undated
(Photo 225)
Page Twenty-Nine
Municipal Employees Golf Tournament, ca. 1959
(Photo 226)
Page Thirty
Pan American Day, 1955
(Photos 227-228)
Page Thirty-One
Parades (Non-Mardi Gras), ca. 1960
(Photo 229)
Page Thirty-Two
Parties, Unidentified
(Photos 230-231)
Page Thirty-Three
Police Department, 1960
(Photo 232)
Page Thirty-Four
Political Campaigns, 1956; 1960
(Photos 233-234)
Page Thirty-Five
Proclamations, Keys to the City, Etc., 1957-1961
(Photos 235-246)
Page Thirty-Six
Speeches, Unidentified
(Photos 247-249)
Page Thirty-Seven
Staff, undated
(Photos 251-254)
Page Thirty-Eight
Trip to Dubuque, Iowa, 1959
(Photos 255-256)
Page Thirty-Nine
Trip to Guatemala, 1960
(Photos 257-262)
Page Forty
Trips, Unidentified
(Photos 263-275)
Page Forty-One
(Photos 276-282)
Page Forty-Two
United Nations Day, 1957-1961
(Photos 283-298)
Page Forty-Three
United States Army Reserve, 1950-1959
(Photos 299-311)
Page Forty-Four
Vieux Carre Commission, 1959
(Photos 312)
Page Forty-Five
Visitors--Identified, 1960
(Photos 313)
Page Forty-Six
(Photos 314-317)

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