Mayor Moon Landrieu

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: 1970-1978
Size of collection: ca. 716 prints
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright Information: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division archivist

Scope Note


The prints were scanned as grayscale images at 400 dpi and saved as TIFFs. The TIFFs are being retained as archival masters. Photoshop 5.0 was used to produce edited 600 pixel JPEGs and the 150 pixel JPEG thumbnails displayed on the pages listed below. Thanks to volunteer Aromenta Evans for her scanning services!

Additional Landrieu photographs should be available in the Landrieu Collection at Loyola University.


The prints are numbered and filed sequentially. The digital versions on these pages have been arranged in general subject categories. Click on the links below to view thumbnail images; each thumbnail links to a larger image.

Page One
American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
(1 photo)
Page Two
Awards Ceremonies/Keys to the City/Presentations
(23 photos)
Page Three
Boards and Commissions
(9 photos)
Page Four
Buildings, City
(5 photos)
Page Five
City Council
(3 photos)
Page Six
City Planning Commission
(5 photos)
Page Seven
Community Improvement Agency
(119 photos)
Page Eight
Construction, New
(2 photos)
Page Nine
Economic Development Conference, 1975
(4 photos)
Page Ten
Federal Government Grant, December 1974
(1 photos)
Page Eleven
Festival Queens, 1971
(9 photos)
Page Twelve
Ford, President Gerald R./White House
(5 photos)
Page Thirteen
French Market Corporation
(13 photos)
Page Fourteen
(2 photos)
Page Fifteen
Identified People with the Mayor
(3 photos)
Page Sixteen
Inauguration, 1974
(40 photos)
Page Seventeen
Medellin, Colombia
(4 photos)
Page Eighteen
International Relations
(25 photos)
Page Nineteen
(2 photos)
Page Twenty
Model Cities
(14 photos)
Page Twenty-One
New Orleans Saints
(2 photos)
Page Twenty-Two
New Orleans Youth Training Corps
(1 photo)
Page Twenty-Three
Nixon, President Richard M.
(1 photo)
Page Twenty-Four
Piazza d'Italia
(11 photos)
Page Twenty-Five
Orleans Parish Prison
(5 photos)
Page Twenty-Six
New Orleans Police Department
(1 photo)
Page Twenty-Seven
Portraits/Head Shots
(15 photos)
Page Twenty-Eight
Press Conferences/Television Appearances
(10 photos)
Page Twenty-Nine
Sewerage and Water Board
(2 photos)
Page Thirty
(2 photos)
Page Thirty-One
Spanish Plaza (Site)
(28 photos)
Page Thirty-Two
(1 photo)
Page Thirty-Three
(40 photos)
Page Thirty-Four
(2 photos)
Page Thirty-Five
(1 photo)
Page Thirty-Six
Unidentified Photographs
(4 photos)
Page Thirty-Seven
U.S. Conference of Mayors
(3 photos)
Page Thirty-Eight
(3 photos)
Page Thirty-Nine
(27 photos)
Page Forty
Management Retreats, 1973
(62 photos)
Page Forty-One
United States Day, 1971
(6 photos)

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