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Photo 10
Councilman-at-Large Joseph Dirosa, in his capacity as Acting Mayor, with U.S. Navy officers (left to right) Commander George Birdt, Commanding Officer, USS Davis; Commander Richard A. Griswold, Commanding Officer, USS Gainard; Captain Cary H. Hall, Commanding Officer, USS Neosho; Captain Frank E. Kinne, Commander, Destroyer Division 122; Captain Lee W. Mather, Commanding Officer, USS Wasp; Rear Admiral Robert Riera, Commander, Carrier Division 14; Captain Harry W. McElwain, Commander, Destroyer Squadron 12; Captain R. O. Middleton, Chief of Staff, Carrier Division 14; Lieutenant Commander Edward L. Frame, Commanding Officer, USS Requin; and Lieutenant M. H. Werness, Flag Lieutenant, June 20, 1963.
(ml025 is a duplicate of this photograph).