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An Excursion to Grand Isle, Louisiana, 1906

On Saturday, July 7, 1906, members of the New Orleans Horticultural Society and their guests celebrated the organization's twenty-first anniversary with an outing to Grand Isle. Nineteen or so passengers on board the steamer Grand Isle, piloted by Captain McSweeney, left the city in the morning and arrived at their destination at 9:10 P.M. that evening. According to a report in the May 10 Daily Picayune,

They immediately pitched camp, and from that time until they left Monday morning their stay was one long series of joyful hours. They indulged in bathing, fishing and other sports, and had everything that goes to make life happy. They had a chef along that served them all the delicacies that the market afforded, with lots of liquid refreshments, and on the way back Captain McSweeney, the master of the boat, popped several bottles of champagne.

When they arrived at the island the natives met them and saluted them by setting off a lot of fireworks, and when they left each one was presented with a fine bunch of fish. . . .

One of the features of the trip was the stories of escapes from sharks told by Mr. E. J. Fortier, the cashier of the J. Steckler Seed Company.

Ten photographs taken during the course of the excursion, probably by John L. Haller, have survived in the Louisiana Division's Mayer-Engelbach Photograph Collection. The photographs are housed in a small album marked "Compliments of John L. Haller."

Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Mayer were among the passengers aboard the Grand Isle according to the Picayune article. Others who made the trip were C.W. Eichling, J.H. Menard, J.A. Newsham, Paul Abele, B.M. Wisher, W.C. Wisher, H. Kraack, Otto Werner, A. Aloist, H.L. Elwell, Frank Faessel, Frank Broker, J.D. Halleroff, W. Stolzentholer and M. Stolzentholer.

The captions shown here are taken from the original album.

Click on each image to view a larger version of the photograph and additional information about the scene depicted.
1) Captain McSweeney and son
2) Sir Nick
3) The locks
4) Barataria
5) Landing at Grand Isle
6) Oyster camps at Bayou Bruleau
7) Sunrise on Grand Lake
8) Quong Son Platform
9) Chung Fat Platform
10) Scene near fishing camp

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