Louisiana Photograph Collection
Louisiana Division
New Orleans Public Library

Large Aerial Photographs, New Orleans, ca. 1949

The collection consists of 97 aerial photographs of New Orleans taken about 1949. Each photograph is stamped on the back with the name and address of the photographer: A.E. Stewart, 830 Union St., New Orleans. The photographs have been arranged into five sets, each focusing on a particular area of the city:
Set A (10 photographs) - Calliope St./Earhart Blvd. from the Mississippi River (S. Front St.) to S. Broad St.

Set B (18 photographs) - Elysian Fields Ave. from Milneburg (New York St.) to the Mississippi River (N. Peters St.)

View samples: B8.
Set C (52 photographs) - Claiborne Ave. from the Orleans Parish line (Seventeenth St. Canal/Mistletoe St.) to Jackson Barracks (Dubreuil St.)

View samples: C27; C28; C29; C30; C31; C32; C33.
Set D (11 photographs) - The New Basin Canal (partially filled in) from Rampart St. to Lane St.

Set E (6 photographs) - Basin St./Loyola Ave./Simon Bolivar Ave. from Orleans Ave. to Jackson Ave.

View samples: E1.

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