Black History Month 2007
New Orleans Public Library
Dr. Kevin Stephens, Director of the City of New Orleans Health Department, talked about ways to fight depression at a noon time lecture on February 9 at the Main Library. Below the image are pointers from Dr. Stephensís discussion.

Develop a network of friends and family members and communicate with them. Remember that communication means listening as well as talking.

Discuss your feelings.

Replace old routines with new ones. Donít dwell on what you used to do or have, instead recognize that life has more to offer you than what you have experienced so far. Try new things.

If the places you frequented for recreation, relaxation or entertainment are no longer available, ask yourself what part of the activity brought you pleasure. Identify that quality and seek it out in a new activity.

Exercise. Exercising helps to relieve stress. This is especially important if youíve become sedentary through trailer living or other restrictive living quarters.

Donít be afraid to ask for help. Seeking medical attention for mental stress is just as important as seeking medical attention for a physical pain or illness. Donít be afraid or apprehensive about getting help for depression or any other mental challenge that might be overwhelming you.

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