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September 2006

For most of the past year, the NUTRIAS Images of the Month Galleries have been devoted, in one way or another, to telling the story of Hurricane Katrina. Throughout that period NUTRIAS, New Orleans Public Library, and the City of New Orleans as a whole have been trying to heal and to find our collective way to the "New Normal." Now that the first anniversary of the storm is behind us, we're ready to return Images of the Month to something resembling what it was pre-Katrina (even as we remember that the Crescent City and its people were still suffering immensely well into the month of September 2005).

This month's gallery makes use of a gift that NOPL received just a couple of months ago.

Archivists with Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay donated a wonderful little booklet titled Quaint Old New Orleans. Their donation was accompanied by a note that said, "So happy to have found a good home for this beautiful book. Even more happy to help preserve New Orleans' history in light of Katrina."

We did not have the title in our collection, nor do we find it listed in any of several other library catalogs that we checked. The booklet is undated but a reference to the Eighteenth Amendment in its introduction (read the full text of the introduction HERE) suggests that it was printed ca. 1920. Notes written in the booklet show that it was given to Sister M. Dominica by Bessie Everett in 1932, and that Sister Dominica placed it in the library of the Sisters of St. Francis Convent in Green Bay. It eventually made its way to UWGB and, finally, back to New Orleans. We're very happy to have it!

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