The cover of Chase's opus, All I Know About Cartooning

For those who didn't know him personally, John Chase's All I Know About Cartooning gives us perhaps our best glimpse into what he must have been like. Lured by the promise of its title, the unsuspecting reader, opens the volume, hoping to find Chase's words of wisdom, but finds instead a volume of COMPLETELY BLANK pages. The back cover material is printed almost in its entirety below:

This characteristic pose [refering to the photo that appears on the cover] shows our hero in the act of expressing joy and delight at an interruption while he is creating. His arms aren't shown because it is generally rumored that he draws those cartoons with his toes. The best ones, anyway. . . . He is one of the few in the history racket who has made it pay, slightly. His previous books include a street guide called "Goodgirls, Desire, Frenchmen, and Other Alleys of Lower Gretna"; "The First Louisiana Give-away"; and "Headin' for the Last Cartoonists Roundup, or the Big Gray Inkwell in the Sky", his latest tome, published by Random Hauser. He is a noted television personality, with Channels 4, 6 and 12 reporting their best ratings when he is on Channel 8. This book, by far the most serious and profound he has ever undertaken, revealing the secrets of a life-time devoted to the limning art for which locally, he is nationally famous, gives his readers the inner Chase, the man behind the pen or under the drawing board. It has gone through numerous hardback editions, and is now issued for cheapskates in this paperback edition. It will next be printed on the back of wallpaper by the Ole Miss Press.
The cover also includes this "Reviewers' Comment" from the States-Item: "This is Chase at his very something-or-other."