Chase's NOPL mural

John Chase's mural is one of the NOPL Main Library's jewels. The mural still graces the long wall behind Main's circulation desk; after more than 45 years, it is beginning to show its age just a bit, but it still fulfills its original goal of being "informative as well as decorative."

Shown here is a scan of a pamphlet reproducing the mural, which the Friends of NOPL once sold to the public for 25 cents. The text in the center of the mural (which is on the pamphlet, not on the mural itself) reads in part:

Funds for the decoration of this wall -- 63 feet wide and 10 feet high -- had been donated as a memorial to James Hardy Dillard by the trustees, teachers and students of Dillard University. John Chase, New Orleans cartoonist and author, conceived and executed the illuminated map on a scale of two inches to the foot. The left section shows most of Greater New Orleans, on the right is historical southern Louisiana from Mobile to the Sabine. In 1958 when it was photographed and erected on the New Orleans Blue Print Company, this was the largest photographic mural ever made.
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To see the real thing, visit the Main Library at 219 Loyola Avenue.