During Milk for Health Week, trained workers from the Extension Service, the Home Demonstration Agency, local women from Catholic organizations, Board of Health and public school nurses and Home Economics teachers visited schools to present educational material about the benefits of drinking milk. Posters were put up in classrooms and the campaign workers gave talks to students and, in some cases, taught them to sing "Doctor Milk" (to the tune of "Peggy O'Neil"):
Doc-tor Milk is a ver-ry wise man,
List-en what he has to say,
For he'll put you wise,
So you'll rec-og-nize,
The value of Milk today;
------ Chorus ---------
If her eyes are dim and sad,
She needs some milk,
If he's a thin and puny lad,
Why, he too, needs some milk,
Milk gives kiddies some vim and some pep,
It makes the o-ld folks wa-tch their step,
It gives personality, lots of mentality,
M-I-L-K, Milk.
"Nutrition class at McDonogh No. 18 School. Children receiving their nutrition of milk and graham crackers."

                    [Caption from scrapbook]