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September 2004

In September of 1921, the LSU Extension Service contacted the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Dairy Division to ask whether the Department could assist in mounting a campaign in New Orleans to advertise the "food value of milk." LSU pointed out that "the per capita consumption of milk in New Orleans is lower than that of any other city of its size in the United States."

The proposal was favorably received by the Dept. of Agriculture, which pledged to help with planning and execution. Over the next few months, the New Orleans Association of Commerce was brought in as a partner and representatives of the City administration, the State and City Boards of Health, the New Orleans Public and Catholic schools, the Child Welfare Association, the State Department of Agriculture, the Housewives' League, milk producers and distributors, newspapers, retail stores, and restaurants resolved to work together to mount a formal "Milk for Health Campaign" to be conducted from April 17-22, 1922. The campaign employed a wide variety of methods to educate the public, including presentations to schools, bulletins, news stories, exhibits and demonstrations in store windows, motion pictures, pageants, posters and cooking demonstrations using dairy products.

A variety of committees were formed to do the work of the campaign, including a "Committee on Scrap Book," charged with collecting all material used in the campaign and placing it in "suitable book form for a permanent record of the Campaign." The images in this month's gallery are taken from the scrapbook that the committee produced. On these pages, captions in quotation marks were taken from the scrapbook itself or from the reverse of loose pictures filed at the back of the book.

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