Orleans Cotton Press
Mississippi River at Roffignac Street

"This edifice, by far the largest of the kind in the world, fronts upon the Mississippi and on Roffignac and New Levee streets. The ground occupied by the establishment is 632 feet in length, by 308 in breadth, and is nearly covered by building. The whole was built according to designs made by Charles F. Zimpel, being begun A.D. 1833, and completed 1835, at a cost, including the site, of $753,558. For the general ground plan the reader should consult the reference map. The front on the river, although having no pretensions to architectural effect, is still, from its location and extent, impressive. From the cupola a fine view may be had of the port of the Crescent City.

This establishment can store 25,000 bales of cotton, and now compresses, on the average, 150,000 bales per annum; but its capacity is much greater."

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