Second Presbyterian Church
Lafayette Square

"... an edifice of the Grecian Doric order, and finely located, fronting as it does on Lafayette Square--the handsomest place in the city. The basement story is of granite, but the rest of the construction is brick, plastered to imitate stone and on account of the humidity of the climate, this is already discoloured and needs repair. The building was begun November, 1834, and opened for public worship in July, of the year following. It was finished by subscription, at a cost of $50,000. in the court in front a neat obelisk has been created, as a monument to the memory of Rev. Sylvester Larned, first Presbyterian pastor of this city, who died 31st August, 1820, aged only 24 years, much and deservedly regretted. The present pastor of the church is the Rev. Twitchell."

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