November 17 (p. 3)

It seems odd that this A. Shwartz dry goods store advertisement does not include the firm's address. Perhaps it was so well known that such information was superfluous (we know from the city directory that it operated at the corner of Canal and Carondelet Streets in 1907). In 1892 a disastrous fire broke out in the Shwartz store, then located in the Touro Building complex on Canal Street between Royal and Bourbon. Abram Shwartz, one of the owners, died shortly afterwards, in part it appears, due to the financial strain resulting from the fire. The Shwartz firm, by the way, served as a launching point for the career of Marks Isaacs, another prominent clothing store magnate whose fine residence on St. Charles Avenue is now occupied by the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library, one of NOPL's most celebrated facilities.

The $1.10 one would have paid for a men's oxford cloth shirt in 1907 is about $24.00 in today's money. That amount would be enough to buy a twenty-first century oxford cloth shirt from at least some merchants.

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