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November 2005

In October, our Gallery was made up of images of Katrina damage. This month we show you signs of the post-Katrina progress taking place in the Main Library's neighborhood -- the Central Business District. Virtually all of the buildings in our neighborhood suffered flooding from Katrina; some must also recover from the looting that followed the flood. Two months after the storm, many are working toward recovery. Businesses are drying out, cleaning up, and opening their doors. Downtown, the city is slowing but surely waking up.

New Orleans Public Library is also making progress toward recovery. On October 31, the Main Library and two of our branches -- Nix, on Carrollton Ave., and Hubbell, on Pelican Ave. in Algiers Point -- opened to the public for the first time since Katrina struck. The facilities are open for Internet use only at this time, and our patrons are able to return books checked out before the storm. In the "New New Orleans," these are the kinds of baby steps forward that give us reason to hope.

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