Images of the Month Gallery
November 2003

The National Youth Administration was a Works Progress Administration program designed to provide part-time employment and job training for the unemployed youth of the Depression era. Established in 1935, the program operated until 1943. In Louisiana, as in other states, NYA participants received pay for part-time work performed on public projects and, at the same time, benefitted from on-the-job training. The program was open to young people between the ages of 18 and 24.

The photographs here were taken from a bound volume presented to Mayor Robert S. Maestri in 1938 to "show what NYA youth have accomplished during the past two years and what they are doing today." (Mayor Maestri actually received two copies of this book). The volume includes 170 black and white prints, accompanied by text and captions, from NYA projects throughtout Louisiana. The photographs we've chosen here all depict projects in New Orleans. The captions that accompany each photo are quoted from the NYA volume.

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