Tackling the drainage system was among the first of the S&WB's tasks. The cornerstone of the Central Power Station for the drainage system was laid on April 30, 1898, and the facility was operational several years later. This power station, which housed the huge engines that generated the energy to run the drainage system's pumps, was located at Florida and Lafayette (now Almonaster) Avenues. The photograph here, from the Sewerage and Water Board's Tenth Semi-Annual Report, December 31, 1904, shows the Engine Room, with its six great engines, ranging from 1,000 horse-power to 100 horse-power, each connected to an electric power generator.

A 1975 power study done by the Sewerage and Water Board noted that the first electric motors were put into operation in 1901 (the engines originally ran on fuel oil) and that some of them, at over 75 years old, could still be used during an emergency. However, power generation at the Central station was discontinued in 1925. Known today as "Station D," it serves as a combined drainage and sewerage pumping station. The main power house is now located in the S&WB's Carrollton complex.