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November 1998

Last month we showed you photographs taken by Alexander Allison, who donated more than 300 prints of his work to the New Orleans Public Library in 1953. In 1979, some time after her father's death, Elizabeth Allison Law added her father's negatives to the Louisiana Division's Allison Collection. These negatives include images not only of New Orleans but also of scenes on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and from Allison family vacation trips across the country.

Because many of them have no accompanying prints, the Allison negatives have received very little use. Now, however, with the addition of a "transparency adapter" to NUTRIAS' scanner, we are able to begin to make them more accessible. As a start in this effort, we present 11 of the never-before-seen Allison negatives.

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger version of each photograph and a brief description of its contents.

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