Sugar Bowl Game, January 1, 1942. Toss of coin before game.

The 1942 Sugar Bowl featured Fordham and Missouri and was played in persistent rain before 73,000 fans to a score of 2 to 0, with Fordham the victor. By the end of the game, the Times-Picayune reported, "the Sugar Bowl was converted into a soggy syrup." The game had two heroes -- Fordham's Alex Santilli, who blocked a Missouri kick and set up a safety for the game's only score, and Missouri's Harry Ice, who ran for 112 yards, but still couldn't win against the mud.

It was a pretty sight (the Picayune wrote). Looking down from the press box you saw clothes of all colors, but with a great predominance of green and mustard, which seemed to be current favorites with the feminine spectators. All this changed from time to time with the coming and going of the showers. Umbrellas appeared suddenly like mushrooms, making an almost solid covering.