Sugar Bowl Track Meet, December 28, 1941. End of the 3 Mile Run.
Gregory Rice -- Winner; Second -- Fred C. Wilt; Third -- Earl Mitchell

The Sugar Bowl Track Meet was one of a number of sporting events that filled Sugar Bowl week. This shot of the finish of the Three-Mile race shows Gregory Rice, a former Notre Dame runner representing the New York Athletic Club, setting a new Sugar Bowl record of 14 minutes, 13 seconds. Rice broke his own record, set the year before, when he ran the race at 14:16.4. Rice's 1941 record also broke the American Citizenship mark of 14:15 (the best record made by an American). Fred Wilt and Earl Mitchell, both of Indiana, finished second and third respectively.

As Rice began his last lap, the Times-Picayune's reporter wrote (chuckling, no doubt) "he drew on even terms with Louis deLassus, the local boy, who had been lapped and Louie put on a spurt to keep up with Rice, while giving Gregory room to pass inside and not be slowed up, but deLassus couldn't keep up and Rice romped on home to sincere applause from the patrons of track."