Grunewald Hall
“This palatial structure, one of the happiest designs of the deceased architect Hillyer, is situated on Baronne, between Canal and Common streets....It is of extensive proportions, having a front on Baronne street of 103 feet by a depth of 160 feet, and was built by that prominent and enterprising merchant, Mr. Louis Grunewald, in 1873...the principal hall, the concert room, [is] a spacious apartment 100x54 feet, being superbly frescoed, and decorated with portraits of the ancient and modern leading musicians of the world. It has a seating capacity of 1000, and has been pronounced by De Murska, Willhelmj, Hans von Bulow, and others competent to give an opinion, to have the most perfect acoustics of any hall in America....The extensive lower floors, Nos. 18, 20 and 22 Baronne street, are occupied by the proprietor as a music store, and show rooms for his very large stock of pianos, organs, and wind and string musical instruments....”

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