Scroll right to see this wonderful panorama of the Crescent City, viewed from the steeple of St. Patrick's Church, with Camp Street on the far left and the river on the far right. The long row of buildings beginning at Camp is the Julia St. Row, or the"Thirteen Sisters," designed by Alexander Thompson Wood in the 1830s. The domed church at the corner of Julia and St. Charles is the Unitarian Church. The large church further on, backing on Girod Street, is the First Presbyterian Church, which faces Lafayette Square. Gallier Hall is just in front of it, on the St. Charles Avenue side of the Square. Camp Street (which appears to curve around because of the perspective of the panorama) stretches on the other side of Lafayette Square, and the square building across Camp Street is St. Patrick's Hall (once the home of New Orleans Public Library). The spire of the St. Louis Cathedral is barely visible in the curve of the river.
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