"Granitoid" Pavement, University Place (1912)

The Behrman administration was inordinately proud of its city-wide paving program, as this language suggests:

For the past year or two, there is probably no city in this country where the business portion and the residence districts have been provided with more or better quality of pavements than in New Orleans, a fact which adds greatly to the interest taken by strangers when they visit these sections of our city.
The 1912 volume includes a list of streets paved with the Rodolph S. Blome Co. of Chicago's "Granitoid" pavement. This product, the manufacturers promised, was "sanitary, inexpensive to keep clean, not slippery, and the low cost of maintenance, its adaptability for residence and business streets, under all climate conditions, together with its uniform and pleasing appearance, have caused its adoption by numerous cities from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast."

This photograph was taken on University Place and shows the Hotel Grunewald Hotel (later the Roosevent, now the Fairmont) in the background.