"SW p wh b. Jeffersonville, Ind., by Howard, 1881. 290 x 48 x 8.5. Engines, 26's--10 ft. Five boilers, each 44" by 30 ft., four flues. Paddlewheels 38 ft. dia., with 15 ft. buckets. Owned by the Anchor Line. Capt. A.J. Carter, master, in 1885, with Archie Woods, clerk. Same team, 1891. In 1896, Capt. A.S. Lightner, master, with J.W. Langlois, clerk. She was brought under her own steam in May 1898 to Harmar, Oh., where much equipment went into the CITY OF PITTSBURG at the Knox Boat Yard." (C91)