"SW p wh b. Jeffersonville, Ind., by Howard, 1881. 294 x 49 x 9'5". Engines, 26's--10 ft. Five boilers, 44" by 30 ft., four flues. When new and on delivery trip, she stuck on rocks at the Louisville Falls and remained three weeks. Owned by the Anchor Line and ran St. Louis-New Orleans, long by Capt. Horace E. Bixby. His head clerk in 1890 was John W. Langlois. She sank and was lost at Hermitage, La., at 3:00 P.M. on Dec. 12, 1890, with loss of two deck passengers. This was at same location were the PARIS C. BROWN had been lost in 1889."

Caption on reverse of the photograph adds, "The rousters called this boat the Bat on' Ball.'" (C46)