"Stw p ih Capt. W.H. Thorwegan, St. Louis, bought the burned CARONDELET in 1877, rebuilt her and entered her in the St. Louis-New Orleans trade. In the summer of 1878 she was hauled out on the Carondelet marine ways and lengthened 50 feet, and was given four new boilers. The cabin was altered to accommodate 50 passengers. She now measured 296.7 x 54 x 7.6. Engines, 22's--8 ft. This made her the longest sternwheel packet on the rivers, a distinction she retained until the building of the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN. She was built to carry cotton, and during the cotton season ran Memphis-New Orleans. Her banner trip came in 1878 when on one trip she took to New Orleans 8,841 bales, second to the record of the HENRY FRANK. In the season of 1881 she delivered a total of 76,950 bales, the all-time record for one boat in a single season. Capt. W.H. Thorwegan commanded, and G. Miltenberger was clerk. She was one of the first boats seen at St. Louis with electric lights. She burned at Sunflower Landing, below Memphis, on Nov. 22, 1887." (C27)