"Stw p wh b. Jeffersonville, Ind., by Howard, 1896. 225 x 42 x 6. Built for the St. Louis Anchor Line, and was the only sternwheeler they built, and the last of any sort. The intention at the start was to name her AUSTIN CORBIN but along toward launch date this idea was scrubbed. Capt. D.M. Connors commanded. Ran St. Louis-New Orleans. Engines, 20's--8 ft. Four boilers. She departed St. Louis on the morning of November 18, 1897, loaded for New Orleans, with two loaded barges in tow. Fire broke out and she was landed at Chester, Ill., and burned. All 40 passengers and crew got to safety. During exceptionally low stages in the Mississippi in 1976 the wreck was exposed, an attraction which drew many souvenir hunters." (B34)