"SW p wh b. Cincinnati, Oh., 1880. 187.4 x 37 x 6.9. Engines, 21's--7 ft. Four boilers, each 42" by 28 ft., two flues. Built at the Cincinnati Marine Ways Co., cabin by Elias Ealer, machinery by D.T. Dumont. Built for Capts. J.F. Aucoin and P.A. Charles to run New Orleans-Bayou Lafourche. In the fall of 1885 was taken around Florida to the St. Johns River and ran that winter with the CHESAPEAKE and QUEEN OF ST. JOHNS in the Tourists and Shippers Fast Line, Jacksonville-Enterprise. Was returned to New Orleans and became a fixture in the Upper Coast trade. Burned at Carrollton, La., in January 1897."

Caption on reverse of the photograph reads "A picturesque view of this big side-wheeler when she ran between New Orleans and the Upper Coast. Uncertain just where this is taken, but about 1895." (B12)