"SW p wh b. New Albany, Ind., 1860. 650 tons. 238 x 38 x 7.7. Engines, 20's-6ft. Five boilers. Original owners, Capt. W.B. Richardson (1/4) and W.F. Carkey, both of New Orleans. Ran New Orleans-Vicksburg, Capt. Richardson. In 1862 ran New Orleans-Memphis, Capt. W.F. Carkey, with J.M. Renshaw, clerk. An oil painting of the boat hung in the cabin until April 1862 when it was taken to the Keene plantation near Lake Providence, La., in trust of Mary E. Keene for the war's duration. A granddaughter still displayed it in her home in Houston, Tex., in 1949. The LIZZIE SIMMONS also ran New Orleans-Memphis, 1862, and Capt. Richardson, named above, was her skipper. She was a Confederate transport until taken up Yazoo River for safety where she was burned to prevent capture, July 24, 1863. S.L. Elam, Natchez, was a soldier aboard when she went up the Yazoo." (M8)