In District IV, James Fernon presented a letter, with a petition signed by 33 fellow property owners in the area of North Broad and Bruxelles St., requesting that certain business recommendations made on the tentative zoning map be changed from industrial to retail and that other property be changed from retail to residential. "Time and again," the petition says, "we residents of this area have resisted the encroachment of businesses within the area . . . " The petitioners also submitted 15 photographs to illustrate their requests--including the three remaining images in this gallery, which show retail areas in the vicinity of Bruxelles St., which the residents did not want to encroach further into the largely residential area of N. Broad and the kind of homes they were trying to protect.

The petitioners' caption for this photograph, taken at the triangular intersection of Bruxelles St. and St. Bernard Ave., reads: "Note the Standard Oil Stattion [sic], a modern Sanitary grocery and Radio shop, a garage and repair shop facing Bruxelles St., a Barber shop on the corner of St. Bernard and Law, around the corner a shoe repairing shop and pressing shop."

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