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July 1999
On June 6, 1929, the Commission Council of New Orleans adopted the city's first Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (11,302 CCS). The planning process that led to the passage of this law had begun the year before. As part of this process, the City Planning and Zoning Commission (established five years earlier) conducted a series of public hearings, at which property owners were invited to submit petitions regarding the zoning of certain areas of the city. In these petitions, some participants included photographs to illustrate their arguments that their property should be zoned appropriately.

In addition, recognizing the special historical significance of the French Quarter, the CPZC also conducted a survey of structures in the "original city." Included in this survey were 29 photographs of various blocks in the Vieux Carre, sometimes accompanied by brief comments about their architectural value.

The images in this month's gallery are samples from the photographs taken of the French Quarter and from those submitted by property owners petitioning the CPZC. The records the photos form part of--and the photos themselves--illustrate the age-old concern about the nature of neighborhoods, a concern which continues today, as the City Planning Commission works to implement New Orleans' new Land Use Plan..

The records relating to the creation of the 1929 comprehensive zoning ordinance have recently been processed by the City Archives. To view the finding aid for these records, click here.

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