In District V, A.J. Kothe, the owner of a grocery store at 1800 St. Roch Ave. and a shoe store at 1802 St. Roch Ave. (between Roman and Prieur Streets), asked that his property be zoned as commerical. The tentative zoning map prepared for the CPZC's public hearings recommended that the commercial zone on St. Roch extend from Claiborne Ave. to N. Roman street, stopping just short of Mr. Kothe's stores, which had been in operation since 1901. Mr. Kothe submitted two photographs with his petition, this one showing that his property faced St. Roch Cemetery--filled with "residents" who would not object to commercial zoning in the area--and noted that at the hearing held in his district, "there was not one person" who objected to businesses in that area of St. Roch Ave.

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