During the public hearings held in District I, Dr. James A. Nix petitioned the CPZC to request that the property he owned on the corner of Carrollton and Willow, where he had operated a clinic for more than fifteen years, be changed from residential to commercial zoning. Dr. Nix wanted to errect an addition to his clinic and an "auxilliary establishment," a drugstore. To support his petition, he also submitted a map, showing that his corner was the only property in the area designated residential, and he included several photographs to further illustrate his point. Shown here is the A.G. Hills grocery store across the street, on the downtown-river corner of Carrollton and Willow. The building is currently the home of Cuco's Mexican Restaurant.

Dr. Nix's plans for his property changed, shortly, however. In 1928, he and his brothers donated the property on the corner of Willow and Carrollton to the city of New Orleans in memory of their parents, and in 1930, the Nix Library opened at the site, where it continues to operate today.

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