The first five images in this gallery are taken from a file in the 1929 zoning records labeled "Vieux Carre Data," which includes a survey of certain property in the Vieux Carre, with brief comments about individual structures and 29 accompanying photographs.

The caption on this photograph reads, "Looking up Chartres from Dumaine St.," and the "Vieux Carre Data" file includes the CPZC surveyors' comments on the river side (the right side in this photo) of the street, showing the 800 block of Chartres:

"Continuous elevation broken up only by various stages of repair. Originally six 3-story brick buildings with iron and cast iron balconies. Arches in lower part of facade. Good dormer windows. Interesting chain of courtyards. French."
Currently the block is filled with shops catering mainly to tourists.

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