The caption reads: "1671 N. Broad between Aubry and D'Abadie. This is another beautiful home that's taking the place of another old shack on this ground." The photograph was included to illustrate the residential nature of the area of N. Broad under "commercial attack" and the investment property owners had made in their homes. The majority of the 15 photos submitted with this petition show the similar residences that the property owners believed to be imperiled by the tentative zoning recommendations for their neighborhood. They said, "we especially appeal to you to have a care not to let a single square foot of area now reserved to residential use . . . be degraded from residential to commercial use."

This photograph is mislabeled, though. The 1600 block of N. Broad actually falls between D'Abadie and Onzaga. At the time of this petition, the owner of 1671 was Paul J. Maestri, Jr., the first cousin of Robert S. Maestri, later mayor of New Orleans.

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